Gelatin Film Festival

At the first annual Gelatin Film Festival on March 18, 2023, attendees and community members drew, scratched, and stickered on 16mm film strips to create a collaborative film.

Gelatin, a material layered within the plastic sheets of photosensitive emulsion film and in its most popular form, is a perfect representation of the artistic values of analog—sweet, entertaining, and a textural experience like Jell-o. Mia Gualtieri and Alyce Yang founded the Gelatin Film Festival on a fundamental belief in the charming and transformative qualities of the analog tradition, and specifically in the intention, physicality, and community necessary in crafting a memorable image.

The Gelatin Film Festival is a curated program of short films and a space for experimentation and expression. Gualtieri and Yang’s aim is to bring accessibility to the seemingly intimidating medium of analog film by facilitating both physical and digital space for conversation between global filmmakers themselves, as well as between creators and local audiences in the greater Charlottesville area, and now Los Angeles.