how to see when the line stops ringing

how to see when the line stops ringing is an installation piece centered around four video projections and two sculptures that create distinctive interior and exterior spaces. Using 16mm film and found family Super 8mm footage as a base, she collaborates with the audience to create a variety of new relationships between color and form. Through interaction with light, shadows, ink, and patterns, how to see when the line stop ringing is made in every individual moment and is therefore never complete.

Featured in don’t let me forget this feeling tomorrow, a group show with Alyce Yang (May 1-5, 2023, Ruffin Gallery, Charlottesville, VA):

Through sculpture, photography, and analog film, don’t let me forget this feeling tomorrow addresses collective memory and the intangible/tangible materials that sway its development. By prioritizing the physicality of viewing—bending over to view a fictionalized archeological excavation or walking into the pixels of a larger-than-life video projection—Yang and Gualtieri invite the viewer to question their role in a shared experience.

Special Thanks

Laura Boyle
Amy Chan
Conrad Cheung
Kevin Everson
Anna Hogg
Scott Hong
Virginia Gibson
Dave Gualtieri
Joe Gualtieri
Mona Gualtieri
Wendy Gualtieri
Sally Liu
Grace Pradhan
James Scheuren
Eric Schmidt
Lucy Shichman
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