Tug was written and produced throughout the 2021-22 school year for the UVA drama department’s “Overcranked” course. 

Starring Dinah Pehrson as Victoria Slater and Boomie Pederson as Jenny James

Written and Directed by Mia Gualtieri

Produced by Camille Kielbasa

Cinematography and Production Design by Alyce Yang

Costume Design by Vibha Vijay

Original Score by Ben Larsen and William Waugh

Sound by Anna Balch and Ellaina Jung

Edited by Mia Gualtieri and Alyce Yang

Production Assistants - Pedro del Valle, Jack Mathews, Scott Hong, Shravani Reddy

Extras - Lucy Shichman, Vibha Vijay, Lucy Gilbert, Jack Mathews, Ellaina Jung, Camille Kielbasa, Tommy Hegerich

Featured Artwork by Vibha Vijay, Stephanie DeHart, Emma Hitchcock, Sharon Chong, Addison Keatts, Aria Liu, Deirdre Davie, Sandy Williams IV, Corrine James